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Solid and Semi-solid Matrix Terrafors Bioreactors


In 2001, MADEP SA, the University of Neuchâtel and INFORS-HT AG began a collaboration to develop a new generation of reliable tools specifically for bioprocess development. The partners are leaders in the fields of applied microbiology and bioreactor design and fabrication. The work is co-financed by the Swiss Federal government through the CTI technology and innovation promotion agency.

Biotechnical Innovation

The bioreactors are a new generation of tools for aerobic and anaerobic treatment of solid and semi-solid substrates. They permit the establishment of the biological, physical/chemical and technical treatment conditions. They have a broad spectrum of uses in basic research as well as in industrial and environmental bioprocess development.


Research and industrial bioprocess and technology development for degradation, transformation or recycling of solid and semi-solid materials and substrates. For example:

Contaminated Soils Organic Semi-solid Wastes Organic Solid Wastes Degradation and Transformation Environmental and Industrial Processes Other Research
•Petroleum •Fats •Agricultural •Heavy metals •Biodegradation •Microbial Ecology
•Fuels •All sludges •Abattoir •Biobleaching •Biotransformation •Microbial Physiology
•Heavy mineral oils •Swine wastes •Brewery •Proteins •Bioremediation •Agroecosystems
•PAH •Bovine wastes •Straw •Starch •Composting •Biodegradability
•Chlorinated hydrocarbons •Poultry wastes •Winery wastes •Pectin •Anaerobic digestion •Phytopathology
•Chemical Solvents •Coffee grounds •Kitchen wastes •Chitin •Bioleaching •Biocontrol
•Explosives •Biofilters •Ligno-cellulosics •Bioproduction •Corrosion
•Pesticides •Natural fibers •Other biopolymers •Enzyme production
•Xenobiotics •Dyes •Food processing
•Pulp and paper

Market Potential

Research institutes, Waste treatment industry, Bioremediation specialists, Landfills, Food processing industry, University and Government laboratories, Geologists, Agronomists, Horticulturists, Pulp and paper industry, etc...

Models and Technical Characteristics

Model: Terrafors 110L

•Capacity: 110 liters
•Ideal for treating materials whose original structure must be conserved during processing
•Ideal for biodegradation and biotransformation process development, composting and anaerobic digestion

Model: Terrafors 15L

•Capacity: 15 liters
•Ideal for treating toxic materials
•Ideal for bioremediation process development

Both the Terrafors 110L and the Terrafors 15L have the following features to facilitate bioprocess development:
•Temperature control (5 - 70°C)
•Mixing control (regulation of direction, duration and speed of rotation)
•Air and water tight
•Corrosion resistant
•Input gas flow regulation
•Output gas flow regulation and monitoring
•Easy access for chemical and biological sampling
•Easy access for material addition
•Easy to clean

Z.i. Maladières 22, Case postale 415, CH-2022 Bevaix (Switzerland)
Tel: +41 (0)32 846 45 51 (Français), +41 (0)32 846 45 53 (English), Fax: +41 (0)32 846 45 52